Marvel Contest of Champions On Mobile Platforms Coming This Fall

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Isn’t it great to know that your favorite Marvel superhero will be battling, not against his trademark villain, but against his fellow Marvel buddy?

Yes, and you read it right. Marvel’s Contest of Champions game will be arriving soon to delight its huge base of followers. The origin of this, was the comic book version released in 1982. With the growth of technology in our generation, this will now be in multi-colored animation, packed with graphics that will certainly feast your eyes with every superhero punch.

And if that doesn’t seem much of good news for you yet, I’d tell you that these superheroes will be in full force action in our tablets and mobile phones. This will be a lot more fun and convenient since you can travel around while playing on it, bragging about it to your friends or making them help you choose the heroes you put into a match. This will be an exciting game that is set to captivate not only kids and teens, but their uncles and daddies as well.

C’mon, tell me who has never known any Marvel hero?

Being developed by Kabam in their Vancouver studio, this exciting treat will be available by Fall of 2014. That’s like a few weeks from now! To add more good news to that, Kabam has a reputation for developing free online games. This makes it something even more to look forward to.

If I were you, I’m going to start constantly checking Google Playstore if ever this game becomes available and I’ll be the first one to announce it among friends – if that’s any credit.

Now tell me, which ones can actually make a good match? Will that be Spiderman versus Captain America? Iron Man versus Thor? And just out of curiosity, what will happen to their villains? Will these gentlemen fight with each other and let the villains take over the city, and the world? Sounds crazy right? Now that’s just my imagination. Pretty much where Marvel and Kabam are really good at.

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