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Marvel Contest of Champions Update: Hyperion And Howard The Duck In December! iOS Gets RED Power Pack Deal

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There are a lot of role playing action game that players can pick and choose from in?the app stores and this includes Marvel Contest of Champions. But what is in this app that would intrigue gamers to play the next Marvel Contest of Champions update?

Hyperion & Howard the Duck

First off, the Marvel Contest of Champion update has introduced two new heroes. These are Howard the Duck and Hyperion. Players will now get a chance to help Hyperion get back home with Howard?s help.?These two characters and the event itself will only be playable until December 21st at 10 am (PST).

The said event quest will also be eligible for ?Time Attack? Legends. Your time will start when you begin the first Heroic difficulty quest and will only be completed if the player reaches ?a 100 percent Complete Mastery Difficulty.

The top 100 fastest players will earn a Legends title, a Legends points and one tier 4 Class Catalyst Crystal. Furthermore, if you are included in one of the top 5 among the 100 players, you will get an additional two crystals, making a total of three tier 4 Class Catalysts Crystals.

RED Power Pack

The next update in this Marvel game is called RED Power Pack. This is a collaboration to help build up funds to help victims of HIV/AIDS. So as you purchase a RED Power Pack, 100 percent of your payment will go directly to their Global Fund and you get a chance to help prevent, treat, counsel and test unfortunate people living in sub-Saharan Africa.

The RED Power Pack will have a three stars Daredevil (Classic version) and a three stars Elektra. The second items are two tier 5 skill ISO-8. The final one is a (Power Pack) RED ticket.

This includes a quest that the players has to finish. Players will receive their rewards after finishing the quest. Bonuses upon completion includes a three-star guaranteed (Crystal) RED for Elektra, Daredevil (classic), Iron Man, Red Hulk, and a Hulkbuster or Guillotine.

This event has a limited time offer. The RED Power Pack will only be available until December 6. Better purchase yours while you still have the time.

Kabam has made it a tradition to roll out a Marvel Contest of Champions update that would benefit players and non-players. However, players should take note that this RED Power Pack offer is only available on the iOS version of the game.

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