Marvel Contest of Champions Guide: Beat Hyperion Easily

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In connection with the latest Marvel Contest of Champions update where Hyperion and Howard the Duck are featured, there is a bit of difficulty in completing the stages they gave. This will be a simple Marvel Contest of Champions guide to help players battle through the new Hyperion stage.

With a few tips from a Reddit post by NoobDestroyer420, we can get a few tricks in defeating the new stage. Be reminded that these are just some tips you can use if you are comfortable enough to try it.

Marvel Contest of Champions Guide

The first method is to use Dr. Strange. It is more advisable to have the hero at his max level if possible. Using this character is a bit difficult to do but shows a good outcome when done properly. You can use Dr. Strange?s counterspells against the enemy. Also, his lifesteal and fatesteal will be very handy during the battle.

The second technique is to use Vision. You can either use his original or AOU uniform since using his first skill will automatically force the hero to use his second skill (as long as your power bar reaches three).

The third one would include Magik. You can use the special which allows this hero to do a power lock on the enemy. This, in turn, will negate the power gain applied by the enemy.

The fourth would include a champion that has fate steal or nullify skills. These includes champions such as Dr. Strange, Thor, Jane Frost, Juggernaut, and many more. Basically, you would use their fate steal or null skill against the enemy. In turn, you could avoid letting the opponent cast a power gain on you by using this method.

The last technique you can do is to use Magneto. The catch here is to use the original uniform of this character, and make sure that his original form is at the top of his stats. Choosing Magneto will allow you to tank your way along the game.

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Now that you know the possible methods on how to defeat Hyperion, you can now either choose one of these methods, or you can make one of your own. Defeating this mode using this Marvel Contest of Champions will now be a bit more easier and less stressful.

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