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Marvel Contest of Champions: Earn In-Game Rewards, Crystals, Marvel Merchandise And More With Marvel Insider Program!

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We have good news for those who are residing in the great United States of America and are playing Marvel Contest of Champions. You guys can now register to Marvel Insider to collect additional awesome rewards ?and points for the game.

You can rack up your items, goodies and points for your Marvel Contest of Champions account with the help of Marvel Insider . All you need to do is to register on their website. ?You can get to view videos, news and all other things related to Marvel. Doing those said actions can also help you?earn points.

Building and collecting points is important because it will be your monetary equivalent to get cool items.?These?can be used for your Marvel game. There is an ongoing event in Marvel Contest of Champions that gives several items for the players who have enough points to claim it through redemption.

The reward bundle includes one 3-star Memory Lane Crystal, 10 Crystal Shards, two Energy Refills, two Champion Boots, five level 3 Health Potions and 10,000 Gold. This reward costs a total of 125,000 points and only redeemable until January 3, 2017. The items will be given around January 13 to January 20, 2017.

This is just a sample of the several available rewards you can get if you register to the Marvel Insider website. They also offer different activities that they designed solely for players of Marvel Contest of Champions. So make sure to drop by every now and then for the latest updated activities.

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Finally, you have to enter your Marvel Contest of Champions IGN on the space provided below the ?Reward Open? window. This will allow you to collect the rewards that you redeemed. Take note that you have to enter your player name ?Exactly? ?as it appears in your game. ?You can now enjoy the additional fruits of your hard work.

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