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Marvel: Contest of Champions and DC?s Injustice?A Tale of Two Games

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Right now, everyone is already familiar of another game featuring a collected band of superheroes.

Marvel?s Contest of Champions is a fighting game made by San Francisco-based developer Kabam. An app for mobile phones, it tends to remind one of another game that?s already available for phones?this one from the other side of the comic book spectrum. This is DC?s Injustice, featuring their very own collection of heroes.

As we take a look at the similarities and differences between the two games, we also take a look at this report from Variety. Kabam takes time to give people what they want in one of their updates?this one is where Ultron also invades the universe created by the Collector.

Injustice x Contest of Champions: Where do the Similarities End?

Looking closely at the two games, there are a few similarities which are seen, especially if someone played both games already.

With Contest of Champions, the gameplay is backed up by a weaker story than that of Injustice. Whereas Injustice focused on the ?alternate world? theory where Superman ruled in absolute autocracy, Contest of Champions placed Taneleer Tivan?the Collector?in the place of semi-antagonist alongside Kang the Conqueror.

However, owing to the nature of comic book movies, Marvel gets away with the shallow story because a large collection of the heroes have already been encountered by players in past Marvel movies. In DC?s case, most of the heroes are still unknown, or perhaps, may be recognized by people who follow DC?s comic book universe religiously.

Contest of Champions gets Invaded

Perhaps this is one collectible Tivan should never have gotten his hands on.

In line with the showing of Marvel?s ?The Avengers: Age of Ultron?, Kabam has placed Ultron right at the heart of the Contest happening between the player?dubbed ?The Summoner??and Kang the Conqueror, according to the report from Variety. The result? Predictably, the whole contest is thrown in chaos with Ultron acting as a third player.

The ?opportunity to create new Ultron-themed content? was what drove Kabam to integrate content, according to Cuz Parry, creative director at Kabam Vancouver. Aside from the Ultron update, players received new additions such as Summon Masteries, Alliance events, and Duels.

Marvel on a Roll

Riding on the wave generated by the hype Avengers: Age of Ultron has made is a good tactic for Marvel. With Contest of Champions and other game apps paving the way, Marvel appears headed towards another good year this time.


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