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Marvel Comics: Scribd Certified and Female Audience Target

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Earth’s mightiest female superheroes assembled.[Marvel]

These days, it appears Marvel is making the rounds of different outlets.

The latest to have joined Marvel Comics? bandwagon is Scribd, although it?s more on the business side of things. In a report which appeared on Tech Crunch, the subscription service has added Marvel to its E-Book service. That included other studios such as IDW, Archie, and Valiant. It seems that they?ve realized Marvel?s true value which enabled the outfit to add Marvel Comics to their products.

In another twist, that letter that ?Rowan? sent to DC might have had more than just a fleeting effect. Marvel also joins the latest bandwagon of comic book publishers pleasing their audiences. Call it what you want, but this report from Geeks of Doom appears to tell a story quite similar to what DC had done. As it appears, Marvel is also considering having a new Avengers team?but this one, quite different from the mainstream, is composed of all girls.

Scribd Service for Marvel

Scribd?s service for Marvel appears to be far more extensive than the reports suggested.

Aside from adding subscriptions to Marvel, Scribd?as per Tech Crunch?is also adding a service where readers can easily catch up on reading their favorite example. As it was pointed out in the Tech Crunch article, there is a service which enabled readers to easily read up on past issues from publishers or titles. Aside from that, however, the service and the width of available titles to subscribe on differ from publisher to publisher.

Marvel is reaching out, however, to people who want to read up on their heroes before seeing them on the big screen. That is a shrewd move, as it also raises awareness about this hero and how he does on print.

Avengers All-Female?

The aftermath of Marvel?s Secret Wars may see a more diversified superhero universe.

At least, as per Geeks of Doom, that?s what the current landscape looks like. Marvel Comics? newest series, the A-Force, is a title that?s going to be unlike any other. With a superhero team consisting mostly of female superheroes like She-Hulk, Medusa, and Captain Marvel, it?s going to be a really interesting landscape. It might even have been a backlash of a growing clamor for more female representation in the superhero world.

This growing movement of gender equality seems to bode well for comics. At least, it shows that comic books and Marvel and DC titles aren?t just for males anymore. Hopefully they?d do something about the revealing costumes too, for the sake of the female readers.

Marvel?s Year

Marvel could?ve geared up for a busy year, as it appears. With Scribd and the aftermath of the Secret Wars, there?s no doubt they?re trying to cover all the bases with their comic books. Hopefully they bring more quality books for readers to see before the movies come, so as to read up on the back stories of characters like Ulysses Klaw, perhaps, and the son and daughter of M, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.


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