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Marvel Comics: Discussions about Comics and Movies and Howard the Duck

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As it appears, everything happens for a reason.

So it is with every Marvel movie that?s been made so far. While they have been origin stories and comic book events transformed into movies, at best, most of them have been tied up with the comic book themselves. Some perfect examples for these are X-Men: Days of Future Past and perhaps Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War.

This idea is heralded by this Newsarama article which points out that comics do influence the way movies are made and vice-versa. In the first place, comics are where most of the stories come from; that comics do get some stuff from movies only occurred in the advent of the Cinematic Universe. We also take a look at this Slash Film article where we see the movie-into-comic book effect?a story set right after the post-credits of Guardians of the Galaxy, involving none other than Howard the Duck.

Comics Bleed into Movies Bleed into Comics

This was one of the points I thought about even before I saw this Newsarama article.

It was all pre-destined to happen; once you made a movie about comic-book characters, and a famous comic book character at that with a lot of books coming out almost every year or so, that has got potential to tie in with the book?s storyline and vice-versa. So is the case with characters like Superman, Captain America, Batman, and the X-Men?it just so happens Marvel has been making movies for so long, you can?t help but think their cinematic universe?in a way?helps to shape the characters moving forward.

So what does this mean for DC and all other comic book characters waiting to become movie stars? It?s pretty simple?comic book characters turned movie superstars have a way of helping each other sell each other, although not in most cases. Just ask Judge Dredd.

Speaking of Movies into Comics?

Marvel?s Guardians of the Galaxy is a perfect example of a movie which had gone from comics to movies in quick succession. The movie did well at the box-office, which only fueled the need for a comic book continuation to be made. It comes?as per Slash Film?in the form of a Howard the Duck comic book. As Howard the Duck has an on-going series, this comic book details how Howard the Duck ended up in the Collector?s museum as part of his collection.

What is unexplained, though, is how the comic says that Rocket Raccoon is also part of the collection. We all know Rocket Raccoon was fully active with the Guardians during the said events in the film. However, this Howard the Duck episode could bring a fresh opportunity to connect the events in the film to the next one through a unique arrangement of movie-comic-movie?which could potentially tie-up the Cinematic Universe with the comic book one, at least in the case of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel?s Cohesive Universe

In any event, is there a chance we could see Marvel including the Cinematic Universe in a Universe-spanning event in the books? We all know that?s exactly what Secret Wars does?however, is there room to do a Secret Wars movie somewhere down the line? We don?t know, but knowing Marvel, they?re always on the look-out for possibilities to include within their Cinematic Universe.


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