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Marvel Comics and Movies: The Secret Wars Reboot plus other Film Plans

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It?s been a lot of years since the first Secret Wars.

It?s always been an event like this that was the answer for a timeline revamp. Both Marvel and DC thought it was necessary, given that a lot of their movies are coming out in the next five or six years and perhaps they?re thinking that they need to re-vamp. Add the Cinematic Universe to the already existing Universe that both comic book publishers already have, and you have a bigger Universe than both of them even though possible; hence, the Convergence and Secret Wars events.

It?s not just the movies that Marvel and DC has to worry about; as per this Blastr article, we take a look at the future of Marvel?s own storylines and what the prevalence of their movies and TV series has done with it. Also, here?s an article from Hollywood Reporter which takes a deeper look at the Secret Wars event?is it something more than just an event that would help the Cinematic Universe ease in?

Marvel admits Movies Bleeding into Comics

How could the movies coming out not influence the way comics are done?

Marvel?s comics?although they?ve been there before the movies?are imitating life, so says the article from Blastr. However, it was Marvel Comics Publisher Dan Buckley who said this is the case, per an ICv2 interview by way of Blastr. It was seen bit by bit?the character designs, the way the storyline goes, how they behave now compared to how they behaved before. Heck, even Agents of SHIELD was made into a comic, and it?s forced its way into the Comic Universe as well.

In the case of Agents of SHIELD, it was needed to give credibility to the characters? inclusion in Marvel?s wide-reaching Universe. How soon would it be before we saw more of the movies find their way into these comic books? I?ve got a feeling it would be very soon.

Secret Wars may be Damning

All these war events and re-boots notwithstanding, Marvel?s events may be more alienating than refreshing.

Secret Wars first started?as per this Hollywood Reporter article?sometime during the 60s, when the first reboot happened. Fast-forward to where we are now, and we are seeing reboot after reboot as the movies are adding events one after the other. While Secret Wars certainly does add a refreshing take to the universes, won?t the people get tired of it somehow? At least, that?s what Hollywood Reporter says.

Secret Wars and Convergence are a clever way to cash off while making a significant reboot of your storylines. However, won?t the people get even more confused than amused by riding through these reboots? What?s familiar won?t become so familiar anymore, and some characters?which may have a small but loyal following?could be in danger of losing out. That equates to losing some fans too.

A Deeper Look into Marvel

As it appears, everything that?s been happening only shows that comics has turned from an amusement to serious business. While movies and comics become one, the one thing that?s important from all of this is that it benefits us?the fans?or, at least, we can make them feel whether the changes are okay or not.


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