Marvel: Angelina Jolie to Captain Marvel; Anthony Mackie to Everywhere

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Marvel?s cards have been revealed and they?ve got a winning deck.

So what would a Marvel movie look like if Angelina Jolie made it? Well, seeing how her previous movies?In the Land of Blood and Honey and Unbroken?turned out, it may turn out to be another thinking man?s movie. This Bleeding Cool article revealed that Jolie had been approached by Marvel to take the lead in Captain Marvel. As it appears, Marvel seems to be making sure that Captain Marvel will please all sectors and not just women, seeing as the lead character is female.

We also have some news coming from Hollywood Reporter. Anthony Mackie, the man who got to play Sam Wilson in the previous Captain America movie, is asking for more. Sharing his ideas with Marvel Mackie suggested that Sam Wilson?aka the Falcon?should get more involved in Marvel?s Cinematic Universe. Well, what?s for sure is that in the comics, he has since taken on the persona of Captain America?will that bleed right into the Cinematic Universe as well?

Angelina Jolie?s Expertise

In a report that comes from OK! Magazine by way of Bleeding Cool, Angelina Jolie is reportedly being offered $20 M to make a Captain Marvel movie.

As per Bleeding Cool, Marvel was very impressed with what Jolie did with Unbroken; so much so that they considered giving her the helm for Captain Marvel. It makes sense, if you consider that the titular character?also known as Carol Danvers?is female, and they need someone who can perhaps give justice to her, at least, in a directional sense. It?s a surprise, as per Bleeding Cool, considering what was found in the leaked contents from Sony, which included a series of emails between Scott Rodin and Amy Pascal.

It would be nice to see what the movie will look like, especially with Angelina Jolie at the helm. This seems more a move to please the female audiences and give them a director who actually cares about the lead character. Will this turn out to be something like Captain Marvel: The Winter Soldier in terms of depth?

Anthony Mackie Voices out his Opinion

Even if he didn?t voice out his opinion, Anthony Mackie?The Falcon in Captain America: The Winder Soldier?could be reprising his role over a series of Marvel films.

In this Hollywood Reporter article, Mackie voiced out his suggestion of having Sam Wilson appear in a number of Marvel movies. It can?t be too far-fetched, considering the Falcon is a staunch ally and friend of Captain America. Mackie was even quoted to have said that he hopes he?ll be in the coming movies from Marvel?namely Thor, Hulk, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Ant-Man.

Will this happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? This is essentially an alternate universe where things happen differently than they do in the comic books. Will Captain America eventually relinquish his shield in this Universe? Perhaps, and if Sam Wilson will be picking that up, then Mackie might just get his wish.

Things in the Marvel Universe

We never know for sure, of course, because there are a lot of unexplained events happening in the Marvel Universe?things taking a different course being one of them. Who knows, though? Sam Wilson as Captain America isn?t too deviant, and so is Angelina Jolie directing Captain Marvel.


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