Marvel Agent Carter Cancellation? The Plight of Agent Peggy Carter In ABC

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Marvel Agent Carter season 3 is hanging on the balance. There are already other TV shows that ABC network has renewed, but not Agent Peggy Carter yet. What?s going to happen to this iconic character? Will the network cancel?

Marvel Agent Carter has a fair share of followers. Most are women audience who practically love that red hat. And of course, men find those red lips irresistible. Agent Peggy Carter is probably the reason why Red Velvet lipstick is running out in cosmetic shops! Haha just kidding!

Heart breaking as it sounds, but here?s some truth about Marvel Agent Carter rumors. It had a good start when season 1 premiered in 2015. Screen Junkies says it debuted to 6.91 million viewers. However, the figures dropped to 4.02 million after the season 1 finale.

When the 2nd season premiered, the viewer count only marked 3.18 million. It appears that there?s a continuous decline in viewership. The report said that the reason why some of the Season 1 audience were no longer watching the show is that ?Season 2 lacked the ass-kicking energy of Season 1.?

A handful might be a small number but viewership is still viewership, and if there is a decline, the network or showrunners better make a stop to it. They still have a good number of followers, and they can always bring back the others if they will go back to the way Marvel Agent Carter presented its story in season 1, particularly the first few episodes where fans got so hooked and hyped up.

Cinema Blend on the other hand says that Marvel Agent Carter?s ?adventures in Season 2 proved that Peggy had what it takes to lead an ongoing series.? Why cancel the show when there?s a good reason to renew it for season 3.

Looking at the ending of Marvel Agent Carter season 2, it was but a ?doozy of a cliffhanger.? According to the report, it would be cruel to just end the TV series just like that without giving fans any resolution. You can?t just leave the ending like this; ?a mysterious figure showed up to attempt to assassinate one of Peggy?s allies and steal the redacted file of what we?d been led to believe were fabricated war crimes to discredit her.?

Any fan could say that the 2nd season had ended with a good twist. So, Marvel Agent Carter season 3 is a must to give answers to the questions that are painfully bothersome to the minds of its fans, who stood by until season 2 wrapped up.

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