Married At First Sight Updates: Jamie Otis Suffers Miscarriage; Posts Series Of Heart-Warming Message For Her Baby

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Nothing can compare to a mother?s love. And the pain of losing a child is definitely a heart wrenching one.

Married At First Sight alumna Jamie Otis has recently revealed that she suffered a miscarriage. And just this weekend, she posted a heartfelt message to her baby, which she lost at four months of being pregnant.

In the caption, Otis said that she always thinks of Baby Hehner every time her wakes up and moving on from what had happened is the hardest thing to do. Jamie further said that she and her husband decided to give the child a name.

?We love you so much. I hope you’re bouncing on clouds and feeling loved all the way up in heaven. #ourangel #LoveYou #angelbaby,? the caption ended. The message was posted on Instagram along with a photo of her and Doug while she holds to her baby bump.

This was not the first time that Jamie posted a photo with a message for her lost baby on her Instagram. On Friday, the grieving mother also said that she is looking forward for the day when she can play with her child while making the baby laugh and giggle with.

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She even thanked the baby for being their angel and expressed that she and Doug loves the baby. ?One day I will play with you and make you laugh and giggle. I’ll rock you to sleep and hold you close to me. I’ll always carry you with me, everywhere I go. Thanks for being our Angel. Mommy and daddy love you so, so much. #OurAngel #BabyHehner.?

Aside from these posts, Jamie also bared on her personal social media account her excitement before for a doctor?s visit, as this would mean that she could see her baby bouncing. She posted a picture of one of her last visits to the doctor when she was still pregnant.

It should be remembered that the couple just revealed the pregnancy a week after Jamie suffered the miscarriage. The two back then were so much happy in their pictures showing the baby bump.

She also had post with a caption of: ?An angel opened up the book of life and wrote down my baby’s birth. Then she whispered as she closed the book, “He’s too beautiful for earth.”‘

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