?Married At First Sight? Season 4 Spoilers: Did Heather Choose Divorce Or Marriage? Episode 8 Recap

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Married at First Sight is starting pick up speed as couples are starting to get closer and farther away from each other. Two couples have already worked out their communication and intimacy, but one couple seems to be ready to quit. After days of thinking, Heather Seidel is ready to spill the beans, whether she?s going to opt for a divorce or stay with Derek Schwartz.

Heather and Derek

In last week?s cliffhanger, Derek showed that he wants to stay in the marriage. Heather, on the other hand, doesn?t share the idea. She seems to be reluctant at the thought. The main reason is because of how the two handle fights and how they patch things after each one.

Heather shares on Married at First Sight that she doesn?t find Derek to be a bad person. But she admits that she can?t be with him and that she hopes that he can understand. Derek thinks that she may not be giving their marriage a real chance but he?s forced to accept her decision.

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The pair are both sad with the situation but Derek is more bummed out. Heather, on the other hand, is already looking optimistic about her future. Derek?s been left feeling disappointed and betrayed by the ordeal. Let?s hope everything will work out for the two after their run on the show.



Lillian and Tom

Tom returns home after walking the dog and when Lillian does come home, she brings bad news. She thought she was all fine after the recent car accident but she later learns that she now needs surgery.

Rachel DeAlto, the show?s communication expert, explains that Lilian is already stressed with the news and is stressed by the marriage as well. Tom got advice from Rachel. Tom shared how he sees a life with his wife and Rachel pushes him on to go after that belief.

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Lilian admits that she loves how Tom is so kind to her. Their relationship may take a while before it becomes emotionally intimate but they are on their way.

The two are the only couple on the show that has consummated the marriage. Things get even steamier on Married at First Sight when Rachel gives the two body paint for a sexual assignment.


Sonia and Nick

Things went south when Sonia Granados and Nick Pendergrast had an argument. Nick basically said that he wasn?t in love with her. Two went off to have a date night together and it went well enough.

Sonia and Nick slept in the bed while the dogs slept in their crates at night. The dogs are in the bedroom but not in the bed. The compromise works out but Sonia is still left wishing that Nick was more caring to her than the dogs.

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Rachel had visited the two and advised them to be more open to one another. Rachel pointed out that Sonia sees Nick?s lack of openness as him rejecting her. Rachel leaves the two with an interesting homework.

They?re given a game full of questions made for the pair. The game is essentially a truth or dare game. The two were challenged to ask each other places they?ve had sex.

They both also had to give blindfolded massages as well. The ordeal was as awkward as it was fun for the two.

After the homework, Rachel had them go to a tantric masseuse. The none sexual touching was designed to help the couple get a a little more closer and intimate. With exercises that involved holding and looking into each other, things seem to work on Sonia.

Sonia said that: I feel like I could have sex with my husband tonight. Who knows?? Looks like this couple might join Lillian and Tom soon. Stick around with us as more news of Married at First Sight come out!

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