Married At First Sight Season 3 ?Six Months Later? Episode Recap: Sam And Neil Together?Vanessa Wants Divorce?

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?Married At First Sight? Season 3 Six Months Later? episode revealed shocking facts about the three couples. What happened after the finale? Here you have the details.

US Magazine has reported that Married At First Sight Season 3 couples shared about their marital life during the reunion episode. Ashley Doherty commented on David?s alleged friendship with another woman. She is still not in the condition to forgive him. “That’s no excuse. He asked out another woman when he was married, and he got caught,? Ashley said. David is still the same. He said one of Ashley?s friends praised his noble qualities.

Vanessa Nelson told Dr. Pepper Schwartz that she is not going to continue her marriage with Tres. The couple is facing trouble in their marital life, and they are ending their marriage. It sounds like Vanessa and Tres are realizing that they didn?t really liking each other.

Sam Reuniting With Neil?

There is a possibility of Sam and Neil continuing their marriage because they don?t have any kind of misunderstandings or fights. Neil has already announced that he will go for divorce. However, Sam?s response was shocking. Rather than getting angry she told that she is feeling sad for treating him in an inappropriate manner. ?I don’t think there are words to express how sorry I am of how I treated you,? Sam said, according to International Business Times. It’s also reported that she is still wearing the wedding ring. Bustle says Sam and Neil are not living under the same roof at present. However, they are in touch with each other and also cherishing their friendship. ?I learned so much from him and I needed to honor that and show him the respect and kindness he deserved,? Sam told Realhousewife. If Neil proposes to her in the future, Sam may not say ?No.? because she is really fond of him.

?Married At First Sight? is all set to begin one more season for Chicagoans. If you want to get into the show, you have to visit the website marriedatfirstsight.castingcrane.com and answer their questions.

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