Married At First Sight Season 3 Reunion Episode: Reasons Behind Tres-Vanessa?s Breakup?

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?Married At First Sight? Season 3 couple Tres and Vanessa ended their marriage? The latest reunion episode disclosed the bitter marital life of Tres and Vanessa.

In the reunion episode, viewers realized that everything was not fine between Tres and Vanessa though both were looking like a made for each other couple on screen. ?Trust and communication was our issue from day 2 of our marriage. Not going to get into it all now but will do an interview soon I’m sure,? Tres Russell tweeted. In his Instagram post, Tres pointed few more reasons for the failure of his marriage. He mentioned that his married life was not like what he expected. ?Unfortunately at a certain point of our marriage, my feelings started to leave and they didn?t come back,? Tres wrote. But he praised Vanessa with some adorable words. ?She is kind, has a great heart, smart, motivated, strong willed, and overall an amazing person,? Tres added.

Tres? attitude is a shock for Vanessa. In an interview with The Knot, she admitted that she had a big fight with Tres because he returned home very late. ?We got into a huge fight, and I think I was holding some things in, from our lack of intimacy and feeling kind of not so great about myself,? Vanessa said. ?Because I?m wondering why my husband doesn?t wanna sleep with me. And then he let me know he kind of didn?t have feelings for me. Well, he did let me know, not kind of; he did let me know that,? she added. She dreamt of happy married life, but everything broke into pieces. ?Now she is coping with the new life and also recalling the sweet memories of Married At First Sight. Though they had a bad fight after the finale, the couple shared few awesome moments in the show. ?He thought about the little things, like my favorite candies and my favorite ice cream. I would just happen to get home and my favorite ice cream would be in the freezer. He was considerate in those ways,? Vanessa praised Tres.

Do you feel Tres lost a committed and lovable life partner?

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