Married At First Sight Season 3 Finale: Sam And Neil Ended Their Marriage!

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?Married At First Sight Season 3? finale gave a shock to all viewers. The most favorite couple Sam and Neil are not going to continue their relationship.

Sam had expressed that she likes Neil and also willing to take this marriage forward. But Neil said “No”! In his opinion, he has lost interest in his marriage with Sam. ??During Decision Day, I explained to the experts as follows: Sam and I had fundamentally different experiences ? her attraction grew over time whereas mine waned,? Neil ?told New York Post. Sam is totally sad now. She never expected that Neil will reject her.

?I felt my heart drop to my stomach and I was crushed. Granted, I think I deserved to feel that way since I was so mean to him the first couple weeks. I just felt betrayed and completely broken,? Sam said.

?In my gut, I knew he was going to ask for a divorce, which is why you see me saying on camera that my biggest fear was he would ask for a divorce and that I would deserve it.? She added.

Sam is still fond of him. She praised Neil and also said she also expressed her gratitude for being with her in all difficult times during the show. Sam?s fans are much disappointed. Because in the previous interview, Neil had told that she is a wonderful person. ?Sam?s personality is open and out there to see within the moment you meet her. We complement each other in this aspect and I can see why the experts matched us together,? Neil told The Knot.

Will Sam marry anyone? Yes! She has confessed that she will fall in a relationship in future with a person like Neil and also the ?Married At First Sight? memories will help her to have a better marital life. As it was disclosed earlier, Sam did not enter the show for fun. She was seeking a genuine spouse. ?What made me really want to go on this show was finding love. I?ve done a lot of the online dating scenes and nothing worked out. I always felt like there was no way I could ever meet a guy that wanted a lasting relationship in a bar,? Sam told realmrhousewife.

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