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Married at First Sight Season 3 Episode 1 Review

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Married at First Sight is one of the most unusual social experiment/TV shows out right now. Essentially, we see what happens when strangers get married. We join them on their strange journey to see whether these couples decide to stay together or exit.

It?s not totally random though. The couples put their trust on the four supposed specialist in choosing their partners. A sexologist, a spiritualist, and a sociologist. What could possibly go wrong? What about anything and everything?

Married at First Sight?s first episode was a much anticipated one for those familiar with this wacky show. Episode one had partially set the stage for the drama that we viewers shall be subjected to for the whole season. We get to meet two of this season?s couples!



Monica & Mark

Monica is a 28 year old project manager. She describe herself as a perfectionist and that she loves ?goals? and ?targets?. ?Her date count is quite surprising. She?s had 150 dates since she was in her last relationship.

Monica admits that she?s quite picky with men. She drescribes her type as: My dream guy would be tall dark and handsome. A little bit rugged ? so think Gerard Butler.? Well, with those standards, she might need to go on another 150 dates to find he Gerard Butler.

On the other hand, Mark is a 30 year old firefighter and is a avid gaming nerd. Mark might be a nerd but he?s rocking his own set of abs. Mark describes himself as a relaxed and laid back guy.

Keller & Nicole

Keller is a 26 year old ex-Navy engineer and is currently a mechanical fitter. He has a bit of wild look. He sports a nose ring and dawns a full body sleeve tattoo.

Nicole is a 28 year old primary school teacher. It was funny that Nicole told her primary school class with her decision to marry a stranger on this show. One of her students even asked her: ?Are you getting married to a dog??. The whole scene was both cute and harmless but if even the kids could sense something wrong, what more for Nicole.

The Weddings

Surprisingly enough, Monica and Mark?s wedding went unusually smoothly. The couple are happy. No expected drama occurred. We viewers are happy for the great wedding of this couple. But we tune in to Married At First Sight to see shenanigans we usually don?t see at our friend?s boring wedding.

Nicole and Keller?s wedding, on the other hand, had more to offer. Its was quite an awkward affair. It was like a scene out of a comedy. Nicole and Keller?s family were judging each other. Keller noticed the atmosphere and became conscious about himself saying: ?I?m really worried what the family think.?

Nicole was also in for a surprise. She taken back when she saw Keller?s tattoos. Still worried, she still pushes for the wedding. Nicole?s dad is already against the whole wedding saying: ?Have we gotta give our daughter to this man??

Oddly enough though, Nicole started warming up to Keller saying that: ?It feels natural,? She said this while Keller romantically kissed her shoulder. Maybe those love specialist are on to something?


The Receptions

Things start getting interesting at Monica and Mark?s reception. Monica?s strange friends catch Mark and start shooting odd questions at him. One of the oddest questions asked was: ?What diseases do you have??

Mark then asks Monica for their first dance that he?s practiced for. The whole dance number was from a song from Anastasia. Mark seems to have impressed Monica with this dance.

Meanwhile, at Nicole and Keller?s reception, the tension from the wedding seems to only be escalating. Nicole?s parents are still apprehensive with the whole wedding. Especially the father. And the whole reception gets awkward when Keller?s mate started talking about his tattoos.

Keller?s friend shared that he has a very special tattoo at a very special spot on his body. Keller says: ?I have a tattoo in a very private location?Let?s just say my heart will beat for her if she finds my secret tattoo.? We can only imagine what?s going on in Nicole?s dad?s head.

Stay updated with us to see what new plot unfolds on Married At First Sight Season 3!

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