Married At First Sight Season 3: David, Vanessa And Samantha Felt Betrayed By Their Partners?

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?Married At First Sight? Season 3 all three couples ended their marriage with broken hearts. In the previous seasons, viewers could find at least one couple who wanted to continue their marriage. In this season, all three couples shared a lot of intimate moments, which created hype. However, the decision day episode showed the reality. In Sam and Neil?s married life Sam was happy, but Neil was not. David was trying his best to win Ashley, whereas Ashley never stopped her blame game. Tres and Vanessa said that they wanted to stay married. However, in the reunion episode, she was found crying.

On the decision day, Ashley told that she has no feelings for David. In David?s opinion, she had enjoyed a great time with him. He told The Knot that Ashley?s final words on marriage were unfair. ?The day of the wedding ? as bad as that was ? when everyone left, we?re dancing. It?s [our] slow dance scene. Just me and her and the DJ, no one else is in the room,? David said.

?And the day after, we [were] eating in the bathtub, and our honeymoon? [there] was one night we snuck out for a night swim and the pool was closed, but we snuck in the pool anyway and hung out and just like two kids, playing in the pool, joking around,? he added.

Did Ashley play with David?s emotions? In an interview, Vanessa confessed that she had a big fight with Tres because he came home late. In the show, we saw him running behind his wife all the time. Why did he start ignoring Vanessa?

Viewers were expecting good news from Sam and Neil. No doubt! Sam is the best wife of this season. She neither fought with Neil nor she spoke bad about him after hearing his decision. ?I learned so much from him and I needed to honor that and show him the respect and kindness he deserved,? Sam told Realhousewife. Although she has expressed her love several time, Neil did not turn to her. Sam and Vanessa dreamt of a happy married life, which did not come true.

However, both have admitted that ?Married At First Sight? has taught them beautiful lessons on relationships.

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