?Married At First Sight Australia? Season 3 Finale Winner: Jess Backstabs Dave & Reverses Tables on Him

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Married At First Sight Australia Season 3 Finale Winner
Married At First Sight Australia Season 3 Finale Winner

Married At First Sight Australia Season 3 finale winner could be anybody’s guess as the last episode took on a bizarre turn. It was so uncomfortable to watch and yet it still garnered 974,000 views. Whew!

The episode began with the gang travelling to the Blue Mountains to meet up and have a wonderful and civilized dinner. Weirdly enough though, Bella suddenly becomes so persistent in talking about her sex life. This pissed off Keller, who almost had a showdown with Bella’s husband Michael!

After Dave and Jess’ breakup, you’d think you wouldn’t see them in the show anymore. But where’s the thrill in that, right? Besides, Jess is dead set to go to dinner to show Dave he’ll regret what he did after he dumped her!

So up in the mountains the couples went. They booked their nice farm cottages and made fun of all the spots they’re going to do it later. Except for Jess who lounges on her bed until dinner time. By nightfall, everyone’s at the dinner table. This is a good thing for Jess. This gives her a head start to tell her version of the story and make everyone angry at Dave!

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As expected, the guys gave Dave the cold shoulder treatment when he arrived. Later, Keller asks Dave, “If youse aren’t together now, was there any attraction from the start?” Dave then gave a long speech about why he had to end it with Jess. That things have changed once he got to know her really well and decided to cut it off than lead her on.

Jess retorts that she doesn’t mind getting dumped, but the way she got dumped was totally awful. She slams Dave saying, “You dragged it on and finished it an hour before we were supposed to drive to the airport. And then you said, ?In the interest of comfort I think we should take separate cars.?

Jess goes on, “That is something no woman will ever forget being told. It’s sh*tty. The way it ended was sh*tty. You hurt me and that’s what I want you to know. That’s why I came to tell you- you really hurt me.”

From Bad to Worse

And, just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, Bella goes ahead and talks about her sex life. And yes, she and Michael did have sex following their wedding, by the way. She goes around the table insisting each one reveal the exact moment they did it for the first time. People politely declined but instead of taking the hint, Bella could not understand why no one was comfortable about broaching the topic.

Pushy as she is, she goes on, “I’ve been in a lot of relationships where?? but Keller cut her off.

“I bet you have. After sleeping with a guy after one day I bet you have been in a lot of relationships,? Keller slams her.

Uh-oh. Then Bella asks him dumbfounded, “Are you f*ckin’ serious right now?” To which Keller scoffs back, “As a heart attack.”

Michael finally decided to defend his wife by saying, “I don’t think Keller’s ever been to a dinner party where a civilised conversation is held. He’s ‘self made’, have you not read his knuckles,” he says, pertaining to Keller’s tattoo.

This sent Keller to his boiling point.

“At least I’m happy to have kids and be able to say that I’m a self-made man—not a f*ckin’ fashion f*ckin’ designer. Ya f*ckin’ hero.”

The sledging of half-baked insults continue. Then Michael asks Keller if he even has a job.

Keller yells back before getting up and walking towards Michael, “Yeah I f*ckin’ do have one! You and me need to have a f*ckin’ conversation right now. F*ckin come out here and f*ckin’ talk. Come out here you f*ckin’ hero–I’ll f*ckin’ mess that hair right up.” The guys tried to hold them back and send them away to cool down.

As expected, boys will be boys and eventually all of them goes back to the dinner table until the night ends.

The girls, on the other hand, decided to spend the remaining time among themselves. Bella continues with her Sex & The City Fantasy skit while insisting the other girls be called Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte. What a crazy night!

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