‘Married At First Sight Australia’ Season 3 Air Date: Same Sex Wedding & More Drama To Highlight New Episodes

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Married At First Sight Australia Season 3
Married At First Sight Australia Season 3

Married At First Sight Australia Season 3 took it a notch higher and added more controversy to the mix.The mere thought of putting your future in the hands of people you don’t know is creepy. Even creepier is saying your wedding vows to someone you don’t know from Adam.

This season’s pair is unlike the other couples from past seasons. They are in fact going to throw in gay people into the reality show and see what happens.

Though there has been insistent public demand for equality on the new Married At First Sight Australia Season 3 for quite some time, many people didn?t buy it. A lot of viewers even speculate that this is just a big gimmick to help pull up the show?s ratings.

Channel 9 posted a clip on Twitter featuring a sneak peek of what’s to come in Married At First Sight Australia Season 3. The first part was nothing out of the ordinary. There you can see a woman in a bridal car on her way to meet her groom for the first time. He is waiting anxiously at the altar for the bride he has not met even in his dreams. The last part then catches the audience by surprise when they reveal the big twist. It announced that the third season will include same sex marriage.

So how exactly did it go for the previous contestants? Erin and Bryce, who hit it off instantly, are still very much together and appears to have found genuine love in each other?s arms after the show.

Christie and Mark are still lovey-dovey with the two rumored to be having a baby!

Clare and Jono, unfortunately, have broken up. Clare never runs out of crazy antics for her fans to follow, while onscreen husband Jono decided to take on some peace and quiet after the show.

Simone and Xavier proved to be good sport despite their breakup. Xavier even thanked Simone for the good times they had and wished her all the best.

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