?Married At First Sight Australia?: Clare Of Season 2 Unleashes Twitter Rant, Says Show Absolute S**t

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Married At First Sight Australia
Married At First Sight Australia

Married At First Sight Australia is in the hot seat once again as former contestant Clare Verrall goes on a never ending Twitter rant about the reality show! She took to Twitter slamming the current season and calling it “an absolute s**t show from start to finish.”

Verrall appeared on the second season of the show earlier this year. While the season finale was airing Tuesday night, she was busy dishing out dirt on what really happens when the camera is turned off.

Verrall, a property management consultant, began slamming the season on Twitter since it began. But now she went all out saying, “Channel Nine should be ashamed of the manufactured drama.”

The former reality star’s contract with Nine is now up and she claims the three-month catch up doesn’t exist. Supposedly, they should have this for the three couples that remained to see if they would go on or quit the relationship altogether. She tweeted, “Many of them have new partners and can’t wait to move on.”




Verrall herself was not spared from public opinion when she and onscreen husband Jono Pitman broke up during Season 2 last April. Pitman was accused by Verrall as having a “bad temper.” They broke up shortly after they tied the knot. The following day, Pitman revealed he’s already in love with someone else.









Not long after, Verrall’s rant on social media began saying the reality show was “highly edited.” She wrote, “I’m looking forward to my contract being up in 3 months time so I can share all that went on, rather than the highly edited versions that are shown during the ‘experiment’! Luckily I had some of my closest friends and Dutchy there for support.”

Yes, calm down. We get it, Clare. The thing is, it?s a reality show and a ratings game still. Things will start to take a nosedive for the show if the execs followed what you wanted them to do. But you?re happy, everyone?s happy, let?s relax and just enjoy the show!

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