Married At First Sight Australia 2016: It?s All Over For Mark And Christie

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It seems that forever does not exist after all. Well at least for Married At First Sight Australia?2016 alumni Christie Jordee and Mark Hughes. After their fairy tale-like relationship that started in the reality TV series, the two had revealed that they?re calling it quits.

According to a report of Daily Mail Online, it was Christie who spilled the beans to the public about her failed relationship with Mark. This is amid the alleged racy messages sent by the latter, who is a farmer, to a girl who is 15 years younger than him.

It should be remembered that Christie, who is an entrepreneur, had tied the knot with Mark during the filming of Married at First Sight Australia, the hit social experiment show of Channel Nine. After the wedding ceremony, the two planned to live in a difficult set up as they both tried to reconcile Christie?s place in Sydney and Mark?s farm in Victoria.

However, after two months of being a wedded couple, many fans were caught in surprise when the couple announced that their marriage, which took place in front of Sydney Opera House, did not materialize. Christie bared it all with Woman?s Day, saying that she was about to move to Mark?s farm and spend her life there but something has stopped them from doing so. In her own words as mentioned in the article, ?We were starting to fall in love but our heads got in front of our hearts.?

Mark also confirmed the breakup, explaining that they are having hard time adjusting with the long distance relationship. We have previously reported that the two just meet each other around once a week given their separate businesses in Australia. Mark said, ?I felt like we were holding back because we knew we’d get hurt.?

Reports revealed that although in pain of their separation, Christie still hopes for the best for Mark. She even said that she would love to see her former husband with another woman that might give him real happiness. On the other hand, the farmer has been rumored to be having an affair with someone way younger than him. Speculations said that Mark is sending messages to a young lady just as Married At First Sight Australia finished last April.

The 22-year-old woman who chose not to be named, told Woman?s Day that she and Mark exchanged numbers after meeting on micro-blogging social media site Instagram. The girl even said that the farmer was so sweet on the phone and bared that Mark already asked her out for a date.

New Idea was able to secure a copy of the text messages of the two with Mark asking the girl to hang out and stressed that age didn?t matter. According to the new found love of Mark, their communication has already leveled up now as they were already talking on Facebook Messenger, with lengthy conversations aside from long phone calls. However, the young lady ended her connection with the farmer as soon as she learned about Christie.

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