Married At First Sight Season 3 Spoilers: Finale Week Will Be Lucky For Sam And Neil?

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Married At First Sight Season 3 Spoilers
Married At First Sight Season 3 Spoilers

?Married At First Sight? Season 3 is reaching the finale week. The most curious moment ?for which audience are waiting is very near. Fingers crossed! Who will be the winners of season 3? Sam and Neil, David and Ashley, Tres and Vanessa are going to reveal their decision on the upcoming episode.

David and Ashley are more like enemies these days. Ashley is not having trust in her husband since she found out another woman in his life. David tried to convince her but nothing worked out. He is also living with the broken heart. Because he came to know that Ashley is not physically attracted to him. So, fans are not expecting positive words from this couple on the finale episode. “Come Decision Day, we may not think it is the best idea to stay married, but if we stay together we’re going to land softly. Not without your heart dropping out of your chest first ? but we’re going to be OK,? David said, according to Christian Post. He had confessed the same in his earlier interview. ?We did our best to have a conversation about it, but like most of our conversations up to this point, it was difficult to get to an agreement, and really dive deep into our relationship. I will say, I was more nervous for decision day than I was on my wedding day. Wedding day you have friends and family by your side. Decision day it?s just you, your partner, and the experts,? David told The Knot.

Neil and Sam are cherishing their married life. In the last episode, it was proved that Sam can?t live without her husband. ?Neil?s been gone for a day. I do kind of miss him because I?m starting to have a crush on him. I?m starting to really see him as my husband,? she told the camera, according to Yibada.

Inquisitr says, Vanessa wants Tres to stay with her. She doesn’t want her husband to be in different house. Tres is also making his efforts keep Venessa happy. According to Vanessa, staying in two different places will affect their relationship. In the last week episode, she was trying to make him understand this. Vanessa showed her concern for her hubby when he got some allergic infection.

Fans are predicting that Neil and Sam will be the one and only couple who will continue their marriage. Do you feel Tres will surprise his wife on the finale episode?

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