Married at First Sight Season 3 Results: This Couple on the Road to Forever?

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Married at First Sight S03 Couples
Which one of these couples are on the way to a happily ever after?

This week?s episode of Married at First Sight Season 3 gave us an insight on how this season might end. The three couples are three weeks into their marriage, and they?re just settling into knowing more about each other. David and Ashley are slowly working their way into the honeymoon phase of their marriage. Neil and Samantha are moving into Samantha?s old house, with her old roommate, and Tres and Vanessa are trying to find ways to connect even better.

Neil and Samantha

The very moment this couple moves into Sam?s old home, however, the pressures start piling. Neil isn?t very comfortable at the house, and is worried that they aren?t connecting as they should, more so because Sam?s old roommate lives with them. So on their second day at the house, he decides to sit Sam down, and try to talk her into moving into a house of their own. The conversation starts out well enough, although Sam isn?t exactly keen on the idea. She is, however, happy enough to give it a shot.

Things come to a head when Neil makes a joke that Sam didn?t find funny. This prompted her to kick him out of the house ? not exactly a good sign for their marriage.

The two eventually made up and decided that it was mutually beneficial to start working together on looking for a house, but it doesn?t look like this couple?s married life is going to be a very smooth ride.

David and Ashley

At the outset, David and Ashley look like they?re doing well. David goes on a business trip, and takes the opportunity to meet with a couple of friends. He states that he?s happy with how things are, but finds that there are some intimacy and physical issues.

It?s the same for Ashley since she?s having a hard time getting close to David. Their weekly meeting with Dr. Cilona yields a possible solution–David has to stop trying to be intimate with Ashley for the meantime, that is until Ashley learns to appreciate David more for who he really is.

This doesn?t seem to be a great development for the couple with the way things are going, Ashley?s still trying to learn how to deal with a new and serious relationship ? something that she admits usually takes her months to do. So the question now is, just how much more pressure can their relationship take?

Tres and Vanessa

The main hurdle for this couple this week was the inability of Vanessa to open up. Dr. Cilona helped them connect. Apparently, Vanessa has a lot of abandonment and trust issues stemming from when her parents divorced, and her dad left the family.

They pay Vanessa?s mother a visit, and Tres took the time to talk to the mom about Vanessa?s penchant to clam up when she?s feeling upset. They then met with Vanessa?s friend, Ashley, and her fianc? Robbie. During this time, they learned that what they?ve been going through for three weeks, Ashley and Robbie had been going through for a few years.

This puts things into perspective for Vanessa, and makes her more upbeat on things. And this is what?s interesting; so far, aside from Vanessa?s issues with trust, her relationship with Tres has been the steadiest of the three marriages this season. It?s too early in the game to say anything, but it looks like they?re going to be the team to beat.

Next episode: the couples go on a wine tasting and painting session, Sam and Neil are having communication issues, and David and Ashley are dealing with a big disagreement. See you then!

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