?Married at First Sight? Season 3 Finale: Which Couples Have a Chance to Stay Married?

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Married at First Sight Season 3

?Married at First Sight? Season 3 Finale is almost upon us which signals the end of the very interesting six-week social experiment wherein six long-time singles are paired to each other in holy matrimony without them seeing their spouse to be until they say their ?I do?s?. A lot of events happened between our three couples during the six-week period and with only two episodes left many are still wondering which couples are going to stay married and which ones will split up and get a divorce.

During the last couple of weeks, Tres and Vanessa have been in sync. The two have had a relatively smooth marriage except for the instance when the couple fought during the Fourth of July party. Vanessa spent the night at her own place and it raised abandonment issues which Tres had. The couple worked through it and in the past episodes they have displayed nothing but love for each other. For my bet, I believe that these two really have something and at the end of Season 3 they are likely one of the couples who may stay married.

David and Ashley have had a very troubling past couple of weeks. The couple were rocked by questions of infidelity when Ashley caught David asking another woman out for drinks. David gave his side of the story and the couple were able to patch things up though the question still remains if the trust can be earned back again. In the previous episode, the couple were moving forward in a positive way, with David making a lot of effort. The two go out on an adventurous date wherein they jumped off a wall and rode a zipline. Going into the finale, the two have a shot of staying married though it still remains a mystery if Ashley can trust David once more.

Sam and Neil have had the most difficult marriage as a whole but the two have made strides over the past couple of weeks. During the last episode, Sam admitted to missing her husband which is clearly a great sign for the two. The two even went on a romantic getaway to Savannah together as Sam surprised Neil. The two had a very rocky start to their marriage but the last few weeks have bought the two closer together. Will it be enough though to help keep them together even after Decision Day?

So, which of the three couples do you think are going to make this season 3? Be sure to watch Married at First Sight Season 3 finale to find out if your predictions become true.

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