Maron Finale: Show Not Coming Back After Season 4?

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The Maron finale this season is the last ever. The awkward hilarity of the fictionalized version of Marc Maron by Marc Maron is saying its final goodbye with two back-to-back episodes at 9 p.m. EST this Wednesday on IFC. How do we know? Maron himself announced that this is the end for him portraying a more hilarious version of himself on his WTF podcast.

He seems quite satisfied of how everything turned out. He revealed that the Maron finale was wrapped up in the best way possible. This is something that only a few creators and producers can say they have fulfilled. It seems that Maron has no regrets whatsoever and has decided that this show is done. He added that he could not have been more thrilled about how the whole season and all the four seasons came out.

He imagined that IFC, the network, wanted more of Maron but the man himself stated that it is all over. He added that much of what?s on TV is garbage. He feels that the same jokes and stories are done over and over to a point where it has become redundant and boring. He does not want his show to be that way. He finds no reason to be ?redundant.? This season he said he has ?departed into something fantastic and disturbing.? This is something that he finds very much thrilling. It certainly sets him apart from those who tread the borders of their welcome just to get more money in the bank.

He said that if he wanted to make more money from it, he could. IFC has given his talented team a lot of creative freedom. He also revealed that the production does not really cost a lot relative to other shows. This just means more profit for those behind it. But, as good artists know when to stop tinkering with their painting or their song to make it just right, Maron may feel just so.

Don?t miss the back-to-back Maron finale on IFC this Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST. But to get more of Maron?s hilarity, check his spot on Ari Shaffir?s This Is Not Happening–a show where funny people tell real stories. Here, Maron goes to a neurologist to find out if his made-up brain cancer is actually real.

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