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Mark Zuckerberg: A look at his Work Schedule plus Thoughts on Net Neutrality and Oculus

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Mark Zuckerberg is the guys that people want to become.

As successful owner of a multi-billion dollar company he still finds the time to do what really matters to him?that?s how Mark Zuckerberg puts his life-work balance in this report from CNN. Unlike most CEOs?and he is unlike most CEOs in a sense?Zuckerberg doesn?t spend most of his time doing ?work?.

While the topic of Mark Zuckerberg and his work-life balance is discussed, we take a look at this USA Today report. The article features questions which Mark Zuckerberg managed to answer a few questions, the most notable of which were about the current technology today?about Oculus VR, net neutrality, and Internet.org, in general.

Longer than the Average American, Shorter than a CEO?s

A typical work-week for Mark Zuckerberg lasts only 50-60 hours a week, according to CNN.

That?s a lot shorter than most CEOs work regimen, but slightly longer than the average American pulling a 9 to 5 job. However, that depends on how people describe work, and in Mark Zuckerberg?s view, that?s just his regular ?office? work. His greater work lasts longer than that, and if people count that in, then he?s supposedly working all the time.

The work that Mark Zuckerberg really counts in are his challenges to himself, the report says. This includes hunting for the meat he eats, learning Mandarin as another language, and discovering a new book per week.

Zuckerberg?s Thoughts on Technology in General

Included in the interview, according to USA Today, were questions regarding Oculus Rift?Zuckerberg?s recent acquisition?and technology as a tool for personalized learning.

On the subject of the Oculus Rift, a technology which could either work both ways?as a gaming tool, or as a tool for a broader virtual reality experience?Zuckerberg says he sees bigger things for the tech. According to the report, Zuckerberg?s mission is to ?give people the power to experience anything?. That perhaps includes visiting places people would never be able to go to.

When asked about how technology could become an educational tool, Zuckerberg believes today?s technology could become a tool for learning, but that?s only if everyone were given the access to it. People could then use it to learn things that they?re most interested in at their own pace, he further stressed.

Mark Zuckerberg?s ?Normal? Life

Zuckerberg was once just a normal college student with an aspiration to connect more groups of people to each other. Facebook almost came by accident, but according to him, it wasn?t an accident. It was just a result of him ?not giving up??a secret of his success, and something that should be emulated by everyone.


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