Mark Harmon Cancer Rumors True? NCIS Next Season Cancelled?

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Mark Harmon Cancer
Mark Harmon Cancer

Rumors of Mark Harmon?s health is on the rise on the Internet again. The majority of the speculations speak of his declining health.

Many are already suspecting that his cancer is making an ominous return. Because of this, many are now worried about NCIS? fate if Mark Harmon?s health does continue to decline. Will the next season of?NCIS be cancelled? Will NCIS finally go under?

Declining Health

As of writing, these are all just speculations. An official official statement is?yet to be released to clarify Mark Harmon?s current health. However, it?s important to note that all the speculations seem to be lining up and are currently gaining a lot of traction.

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It is believed that Mark Harmon is currently suffering a very serious health problem. It?s so serious that it’s actually interfering with his acting on NCIS now. Fans who believe the rumors are even coming to arms in a petition to give the actor a well-deserved break before it?s too late.

One of the reasons why many believe the rumors to be true is because of the actor?s recent frail appearance. He doesn?t look quite healthy to many and it is believed that he really is very sick.

Although the mysterious rumored condition is still in the dark, many believe that it is most likely to be cancer. He is a cancer survivor, and it is quite?possible for the life threatening condition to return.

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Fans shouldn?t just worry about Mark Harmon at this point, they should be worried about the whole show as well. NCIS has already been renewed for a 15th season but nothing is set in stone.

The show has been hit with a string of plummeting ratings since last year. If all the rumors are true, and Mark Harmon is forced to leave the show, odds are the show won?t survive the blow to the ratings with the disappearance of yet another top character.

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