Mario Kart 8 will be featuring customizable online tournaments and shareable videos

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The ever popular Mario inspired racing game franchise by Nintendo has always been a social type of game where you get to play with friends and have fun. The game?s latest installment helps push these features further as players of Mario Kart 8 will now be able to host customizable online tournaments and also have access to a new video sharing feature called Mario Kart TV.

Mario Kart TV will allow players to pull footage from the game?s highlight reel at the end of each race. The pulled footage can then be edited in any way the players want. A Nintendo representative mentioned that this feature records the entire race and enables players to take footage from anyone?s perspective. Mario Kart TV will also automatically store the last 12 races, and will continue to update as new races are being completed.

If you encounter a really epic race or have one that you really like, you can opt to save it into one of your favorites. There is a certain limit to these favorite games, but it will ensure that the games aren?t deleted or overwritten.

Videos can be posted or shared in their full duration, or can be trimmed down to smaller versions like 30 or 60 seconds. Players will even have the option to share 60 seconds or less videos directly to YouTube in-game. This will require a Google account, though.

The customizable features of the online tournaments for Mario Kart 8 are very varied. Players can setup parameters that include day, time, allowed items, vehicles, difficulty and many more. The tournaments can even be scheduled and have a certain recurrence, so if players decide to have a weekly fixed schedule of their tournaments, this feature will have them covered. The recurring tournament will be available for both friends and the general public, but will still be dependent on the settings. For easier navigation, tournaments can be searched by code or other notable criteria like race type.

The game will be launched on May 30 for the Wii U, and there will be bundles available for players to choose from, some of which include controllers or racing wheels.

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