Mario Kart 64 Finally Drives To Wii U

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Mario Kart 64

1997’s Mario Kart has been one of the Nintendo 64’s best-known and most-beloved games. Mario Kart 8 was loved by gamers, but to see the original ?Toad?s Trunpike? on your Wii U, that may not really be an option. But, no worries, everything changes as Mario Kart 64 will finally be driving to the North American Wii U e Shop for $9.99.

Mario Kart 64 is scheduled to be released tomorrow and it should only cost $2 if you already have it on the Wii Virtual Console.

The North American re-release of Mario Kart 64 came after the European and the Japan release, which happened in January and over a year ago.

What Mario Kart 64 has up its sleeve?

Mario Kart 8 definitely helped bring the franchise to a new era. However, Mario Kart 64 still remains playable and just as entertaining.

Mario Kart 64

The game also features off-TV play and of course, the classic dim, washed out graphics that old school fans are surely going to love.

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The Wii U version supports up to four players making the game?s Battle mode tons of fun. The version of course features nostalgic Mario Kart 64 courses like Moo Moo Farm, Toad’s Turnpike, and Yoshi Valley.

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Meanwhile, according to Destructoid, this version of the game doesn?t support Ghost data, as the Wii U obviously can?t use N64 Controller Paks.

Where To Buy

The original Super Mario Kart is also available on the Virtual Console service as well, in case you feel like taking it for a spin. Along with Mario Kart 64, Castlevania Dracula X will also get released, but for the new Nintendo 3DS.

The game?will definitely be a hit to all fans of the original game and a challenge to new fans as well. The game is will surely relive the fun of getting hit by one too many turtle shells!

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