Mariah Carey To Star in DJ Khaled’s YouTube Red Christmas Special

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Mariah Carey

According to Justin Hochberg, he had just five minutes to convince the American songwriter, singer Mariah Carey to do his Christmas Special for YouTube Red. And surprisingly, Hochberg managed to somehow convince her and here?s how.

How Did Mariah End Up In a YouTube Red production?

According to Hochberg, he was on the phone with Mariah?s manager Stella Bulochnikov as they were backstage during Mariah?s European tour. And unfortunately, Mariah was literally just about to step on stage. He then proceeded to say, ?you?re the queen of Christmas, you?ve done specials in the past, what about doing It?s a Wonderful Life??

Maria and Stella reacted with, ?Love it, let?s do it, gotta go.?

About nine months later, ?The Keys of Christmas? starring YouTuber Rudy Mancuso, DJ Khaled, and Mariah made their debut on YouTube Red.

Mariah Carey

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The man behind Katy Perry?s ?Firework? music video also directed the special. In addition, it features musical performances by various traditional and digital stars including Alex Aiono, Boyce Avenue, Nicky Jam, Bebe Rexha, Gregory Brothers and Lele Pons. Surprisingly, Ciara, Fifth Harmony, as well as the boxing legend Mike Tyson are also in the special.

Why Mariah Carey?

According to Hochberg, once they had Mariah, everyone would be attracted given that people obviously love her. He also stated that everyone wants to celebrate the holidays but they were trying to figure out how to make a special in a brand new way that would also work. Apparently, mixing digital and traditional stars happens to be a perfect idea.

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In addition, Bonnie Pan also added that Mariah is truly a Christmas icon.?Hence, having her included in the special would add a little Christmas magic that only she could bring. Mariah and Khaled both promoted the film on social media.

Katy Perry?s ?Firework? director also expressed his awe of the diva. According to Meyers, there?s something about her singing of Christmas music that brings the joy of the holiday?back to his life. Meyers also added that Mariah is truly the queen of Christmas.

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