Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon?s Candy Room Can Compete with the Chocolate Factory!

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon?s kids, twins Monroe and Moroccan, can definitely say they have the best parents in the world! It’s easy to say that when you?re surprised by your dad with an amazing candy room in your house. The proud daddy posted a picture on his Instagram account on Wednesday, December 14.

“This room is the reason for all the hyper-activity!!! Patiently waiting for the Sugar Crash!!!” Cannon captioned the photo of his kids goofing off in the room filled with candy bars, gummies and candy necklaces. The twins wore matching red onesies as they play around a large pink cotton candy machine.

In another pic, Monroe is seen holding a rainbow-colored lolli larger than her head. With loads of colorful candies and gummies stacked on her right. There’s also a cute pic of Moroccan putting up the first bulb on the Christmas tree.

A Child at Heart

Cannon wrote, “ROC put the first bulb on this year!!! While Monroe had other plans in the Cannon Candy Shop!!! Back in 2012 during his interview with Us Weekly, Cannon said he’s always loved candy. He said, “I love candy. Always been that way since I was a kid…You know, we say stuff as a kid that, you know, ‘Oh, I want to grow up and make toys. I wanna have a candy store in my house,’ and I was like, alright, well, this is something that I always said I wanted to have as a kid.”

Fatherhood the Second Time Around

Aside from the sugar rush, the kids probably enjoyed so much on Wednesday night. Other images also showed the twins deep diving into a pile of red balls in the makeshift ball pit in their dad’s living room. It also looks like there will be more kids to enjoy this room in the future. Carey’s ex-hubby admitted back in September that he’s expecting his third child with ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell.

In an interview with the Breakfast Club on November 17, Cannon said, “Who said it wasn’t mine? I’ve got a baby on the way…absolutely…God said be fruitful and multiply.” Carey knows about it and they both joked

about the situation. She said, “Mm-hmmm, I heard about you out there in these streets.”

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