Mariah Carey 2016: List of Big Name Divas Mimi Doesn’t Know About

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Mariah Carey 2016
Mariah Carey 2016

In Mariah?s World, a lot of celebrities do not exist. What?s shocking is everyone in the universe know who these fierce divas are as they are currently on the top of their game presently. Recently guesting on Andy Cohen?s ?Watch What Happens? last December 18, Mariah Carey?admitted that she had no idea who Demi Lovato or Ariana Grande is while playing the segment ?Plead the Fifth.?

Mariah Carey’s?What List

During the entire show, Carey expertly averted herself from answering questions that revolved on her love life specifically when it came to her recent breakup with James Packer and her supposed romance with backup dancer Bryan Tanaka. When it came to answering about her co-artists, she had not much to say as she went straight to the point.

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The divas mentioned that Mimi has never heard of? Why, they are only a few of the most influential and powerful divas in the music industry. Carey started off the list by stating that she has no idea who Jennifer Lopez is. It has been 10 years since she has said this but two more names are added to the list this year.

The next victim was Demi Lovato. After Demi commented, through social media, about Mimi?s nonchalance on who Jennifer Lopez is, Carey was quick to say on Cohen?s show ?I don?t know her either and so I wouldn?t say anything to her.?

Furthermore, she suggested that Demi ?come up, introduce herself to me, say, ‘Here?s my opinion, what do you think about it?’ That?s how you handle sh– ok?? Demi has not commented on the shade so far.

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Lastly, she apparently has never heard of Ariana Grande. Years of comparison between the two divas has no effect at all on the We Belong Together singer. Asked if she knew the Dangerous Woman singer, she simply said ?No? and said that she listens more to hip-hop than Pop music.?

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