Margot Robbie: From Suicide Squad Bombshell to Bond Girl

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Badass villain to a probably badass bond girl

As we eagerly wait for?Suicide Squad?to hit theaters next week,?talk of Margot Robbie?s next big role is already making its way down the grape vine. According to Irish bookmaker, Paddy Power, the 26-year-old Australian actress is 12/1 most likely to be the next suitable Bond Girl. Followed closely by another favorite, The Hunstman star, Emily Blunt, at an odd of 16/1.?

Other actresses with favorable odds in the running are Gone Girl star Emily Ratajkowski at 22/1 and Harry Potter alumna,?Emma Watson?with 40/1.

On equal footing, but in heels

With her astounding performance as the feisty other woman turned vengeful shrew to Leonardo DiCaprio?s Jordan Belfort in the Wolf of Wall Street, and now Jane to former True Blood vampire Alexander Skarsgard?s Tarzan, it seems Robbie is meant to be a fitting opposite to powerful male counterparts. Of course, presently, she stars opposite 30-Seconds to Mars front man Jared Leto?s disturbingly terrifying portrayal of The Joker.

Robbie is not fazed nor intimidated by her leading men, though. At a recent San Diego convention, sandwiched between Hollywood giants, Will Smith and Leto, she floored the crowd with a ?Whatever everyone did in this film, I did in a pair of heels? statement.

Next Bond girl?

There?s no set schedule yet for when the next Bond film will start rolling. For quite some time now there has always?been a three- to four-year interval between releases. Since Spectre came out only last year, we can probably expect the next installment to come out in either 2018 or 2019.

Perhaps, to stand opposite the world?s most suave and debonair spy isn?t too far off from Robbie?s steadily rising career. Albeit she stands on equal footing and not under the shadow of whoever the next James Bond would be.

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