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Marco Polo Season 3: Will Polo Get Less Air Time As Kublai Khan, Prester John Get Attention?

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As the second season nears its finale, Marco Polo Season 3 is still uncertain as Netflix has yet to announce whether or not they are going to renew the TV series. However, although the installment is still indefinite, there are already speculations that just like the previous season, Marco is still going to be the weakest character in the show.

The show is currently on its second installment and it is still not Marco (Lorenzo Richelmy) who is the focus of the show. Instead, it is Benedict Wong?s Kublai Khan who has the most air time in the season as it features the character?s drama and dynamics.

As a result, fans of the show started asking why it is titled as such if Marco Polo is not going to be the focus. The question remains unanswered but it seems like it is going to be the same case if ever there would be a third installment as reports suggest that it is now Prester John?s turn to be the focal point of the series.

It can be recalled that the character first appeared in the series in Season 2 episode 4 titled ?Let God?s Work Begin? when Nayan (Ron Yuan) talked about him with Pope Gregory X (Gabriel Bryne) and Niccolo Polo (Pierfrancesco Favino). The character was then seen wiping a mongol camp without leaving a body behind.

In the finale of the season, Prester John approached a Mongol camp at Xanadu where Kublai Khan and other major characters are staying. Marco then informed the camp about the approaching enemy, which led them to immediately leave the location.

With these facts at hand and a cliffhanger at the end of the second season, it is clear the Prester John is going to play a critical role in the Marco Polo Season 3, that is if Netflix decides to renew the series. Furthermore, if that would be the case in the next season, that would mean that the titular character will again have lesser air time than the other characters.

How about you? Do you think the show?s title should be replaced? Is Marco Polo really deserving to be the titular character? Would Prester John really be the focal point of Marco Polo Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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