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Marco Polo Season 3 Rumors, Plus Season 2 Recap

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There is no update yet on whether or not Netflix will renew Marco Polo for Season 3, but despite that, there are already speculations of what are the things that will take place in the installment and one of those involves the mysterious Christian warrior Prester John.

Back in the second season of the TV series, specifically Episode 4 titled ?Let God?s Work Begin,? Prester John was introduced. That was the time when Nayan (Ron Yuan) went to Acre, Israel to discuss with Pope Gregory X (Gabriel Bryne) and Niccolo Polo (Pierfrancesco Favino) how he converted to Christianity.

Nayan told the two that he was alone in the desert, dying, when he met a man who helped and saved him through supernatural means. They then walked together for several weeks without food or water and miraculously did not feel any thirst or hunger.

However, although Prester John seemed to be a good guy, he was then seen in the later episodes wiping out a camp of Mongols and what appeared to be weird is that he never left bodies behind. In the finale of the season, the character approaches the Mongol camp at Xanadu, where Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong) and other major characters are staying.

Fortunately for the group, Marco was able to warn them as he sees the force near the camp. At the end of the episode, the Mongol camp was completely abandoned except for Prester John?s bloody staff on the dirt.

Clearly, Prester John is going to play a critical role in Marco Polo Season 3. But the question is, who is that guy? It is a known fact that the TV series is a fictional version of a historical event, and with that, we can draw conclusion based on history as to who the character really is in the real world.

Unfortunately, Prester John is just considered to be a myth in history. According to reports, the legend began with rumors about a Christian ruler in India. Although several documents, including Marco Polo?s book released at the start of 14th century, discussed the character, there is still not enough record that would shed light about him.

As of now, Netflix has not renewed the TV series for the third installment. But, how about you? Do you think Prester John would become a major character in Marco Polo Season 3? What other things do you expect in the installment? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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