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Marco Polo Season 3 Cancelled Amidst Season 2 Ratings Drop, Budget Issues

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Television network Netflix still hasn?t announced whether or not they will be releasing a Marco Polo Season 3. However, recent reports suggest that a third season will be unlikely due to several issues like the second season?s slide on TV ratings as well as the budget for the epic-level production.

The first season of the series was well-received by the viewers that gave it enough TV ratings to be renewed for a second season. However, according to critic reviews, the second installment was not that successful as the first one causing Netflix to doubt if they would want to continue the show.

Another issue that surrounds the show is its budget. In a recent post by Movie News Guide, it was revealed that the show is considered as one of the most expensive TV shows. It can be recalled that the series was initially dropped by Starz. Netflix then acquired rights for a 10-episode season for a whopping $90 million. So, as a result of a not so notable performance of the second season, it might be difficult for the network to renew the series for another season.

On the other hand, if Marco Polo Season 3 would premiere some time next year, it seems like Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong) would be cut off and it will still be due to the budget problem, said reports. However, keep in mind that back in the second season finale, the cliffhanger involved the character facing Ahmed on the day of the Kurultai. That alone should be enough to hint that Kublai Khan would again appear next season, if ever there would be one.

Speaking of the third season, it was previously reported by TheBitbag that the titular character will still have lesser air time than the other supporting casts. It was also speculated that instead of Marco Polo (Lorenzo Richelmy), the installment would focus on Prester John, the character that wiped a Mongol camp without leaving a body behind.

The second season ended with Prester John approaching a Mongol camp at Xanadu where Kublai Khan and other major characters were staying. Marco was quick enough to warn the camp about the enemy and led them to immediately leave the location. With that scene alone, it is clear that Prester John would play a critical role in the next installment of the show.

How about you? Do you think Marco Polo Season 3 will never happen? If it happens, do you want Prester John to be the focal point of the series? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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