Mannequin Challenge: New Internet Craze Has Hillary Clinton, Beyonc?, Adele & Ellen on Mid-Freeze

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People are going crazy still as they participate in the latest viral challenge on the Internet. The Mannequin Challenge has the nation on pause button while Rae Sremmurd?s Black Beatles plays in the background.

The mechanics are simple. Freeze in mid-action while someone goes around taking a video of the scene. The more complex the actions caught in that freezing moment are, the better. Also, the more people there are participating in the frozen moment, the more epic it will be.

The craze reportedly started with high schoolers in Jacksonville, Florida who posted the first videos on social media. Eventually the Internet caught on. Once Black Beatles begins to play, the scene freezes and everyone involved is revealed in mid-action.

Football teams have participated, usually set in their locker areas. Whole schools have participated, usually inside the classroom and cafeteria areas. Even celebrities and politicians are getting in on the fun.

Case in point, US Presidential bet Hillary Clinton, whose mannequin challenge was inside the presidential campaign?s plane. She even has Jon Bon Jovi in the video.

Destiny?s Child reunion

Meanwhile, people thought a Destiny?s Child reunion was in the works when Beyonc?, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams posted their own take on the challenge on Instagram. The threesome reunited all right?for Rowland?s son Titan?s second birthday.


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Not to be outdone, Adele did her own version in sepia mode, as if it was set in HBO?s Westworld. The diva can be seen standing in the center of an Old Western saloon, while patrons play the piano and throw chairs.

James Corden got in on the fun too, as he got his whole backstage team and the audience go on pause mode for the challenge.


Ellen DeGeneres took it to the next level with her crew?s version of the mannequin challenge. She even got Warren Beatty to join in.

On the other hand, this mannequin challenge isn?t just about freezing mid-action. It also told the story of a cheating wife about to be caught.

More of this challenge can be viewed on Twitter and Instagram using #MannequinChallenge

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