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Mandatory Greater Rift runs on Diablo 3 RoS

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Whenever I like a popular game like Diablo 3 RoS, I have to keep in mind that a lot of other players like it for different reasons. A lot of other players also don?t like to play it the way I do. Some just want to go through the game again and again. Others play exclusively on Adventure Mode with other random players to hone their skills.

The Blizzard devs, though, have been hard at work trying to get everyone who?s playing the game to try every mechanic. Sometimes, you?re forced to do Nephalem Rifts even if they aren?t your cup of tea. You might have to finish a certain bounty you hate too just to farm that item you need.

I can foresee some people not liking Greater Rifts in Diablo 3 RoS. While the mechanic is still on the PTR, a lot of bugs have to be ironed out. The difficulty setting, monster density, enemy HP and damage as well as what you can and can?t do in Greater Rifts are still being tweaked. Some players also think that the lack of loot and gold makes the tiered dungeons a waste of time.

So why can?t you avoid Greater Rifts if you want to play Diablo 3 RoS when Patch 2.1 goes live? Here?s why:

1. It has separate, special leaderboards for the insanely competitive and those who have end-game gear.

You can?t get out of Greater Rifts if you want a reputation to maintain or build up in the game. Soon, the players with the best Greater Rift times and highest levels attained are going to be up there on the leaderboards. If you want to have some clout as a player and get noticed on the message boards, there?s no escaping Greater Rifts. If you’ve also achieved end-game gear, what better place is there to try them out?

2. You can only get Legendary Gems in Greater Rifts.

As of the moment, Legendary Gems only drop in Greater Rifts. While this may change, I find it unlikely that the Blizz devs want to take away any more incentive from going on the new Tiered Rifts. The Legendary Gems usually only drop from Greater Rift Guardians.

3. You can only upgrade Legendary Gems in Greater Rifts.

Another feature that most players have been complaining about on the PTR is the fact that Urshi, the artisan that upgrades Legendary Gems, is only accessible after failed Rift runs. While some players might want to fail lower level Rifts to get to Urshi, the chance of a successful upgrade (yes, you can fail the upgrade and waste gold and mats) rises the higher the Rift level you get to Urshi. Here?s a speculation table from the Diablo wiki that says it?s the game?s estimates, thanks to the tooltip:

  • Rift Level 01 – Upgrade chance 21%
  • Rift Level 17 – Upgrade chance 45%
  • Rift Level 18 – Upgrade chance 46%
  • Rift Level 19 – Upgrade chance 47%
  • Rift Level 20 – Upgrade chance 49%
  • Rift Level 21 – Upgrade chance 50%
  • Rift Level 22 – Upgrade chance 51%
  • Rift Level 25 – Upgrade chance 55%
  • Rift Level 26 – Upgrade chance 56%
  • Rift Level 27 – Upgrade chance 57%
  • Rift Level 28 – Upgrade chance 58%
  • Rift Level 29 – Upgrade chance 59%
  • Rift Level 30 – Upgrade chance 60%
  • Rift Level 31 – Upgrade chance 61%
  • Rift Level 31 – Upgrade chance 62%
  • Rift Level 33 – Upgrade chance 63%
  • Rift Level 34 – Upgrade chance 64%
  • Rfit Level 35 – Upgrade chance 65%
  • Rift Level 40 – Upgrade chance 70%
  • Rift Level 41 – Upgrade chance 71%
  • Rift Level 45 – Upgrade chance 75%
  • Rift Level 50 – Upgrade chance 79%
  • Rift Level 69 – Upgrade chance 93%
  • Rift Level 100 – Upgrade chance 100%

4. You can get Trial Rift Tokens from Greater Rifts to open up the Tower Siege Mode.

For players who want to feel that the game is actually killing them, the Tower Siege Mode bombards you with wave after wave of increasing-difficulty enemies. You can access this by getting a Trial Rift Token from a Greater Rift Boss.

So there you have it, all the reasons I think you can?t avoid Greater Rifts. I guess it?s time to raise that player skill and farm the best gear you can before Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.1 goes live!


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