Manage Your Home From Anywhere With These Internet-Connected Appliances

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Technology has made it possible to make our homes smarter. Today, everything is literally just a click away.

Need to wash your clothes?

Want to make sure the food in the fridge stays fresher longer?

Want to come home to a warm house?

Forgot to leave the key for someone coming home early?

You can do all these things with just your smartphone or tablet device.

That?s how cool technology is today. It?s now? possible to monitor who?s knocking at your doorstep and provide them access even when you are still in the office.

Because appliances are now internet-connected, it?s so easy to take care of things even when you?re outside the house. That should help people who have a very busy schedule to manage stuff around the house.

You can be working overtime at the office and still have the clothes washed and dried. No more need to ask someone to run to the nearest Laundromat. And you don?t have to come home to a freezing abode.

Take a look at some of these awesome internet-connected home devices:

Goji-smart-door-lockSmart Lock

This is a cool gadget that you install in your door and allows access only to people who you actually live with. A good example is Goji Smart Lock. This is ideal if you?re always on-the-go and the type who keep on forgetting keys or locking the door behind. You can lock and unlock the door through your smartphone.

You can also allow access to select people even when you?re not home. The gadget has a camera that sends an image of whoever is at your doorstep to your phone. You can allow access with just a text or email.

Smart-FridgeSmart Fridge

Certain refrigerators can now access Twitter, Pandora or the news directly from an LCD screen. What?s even better is they are energy efficient and eco-friendly.

In case you accidentally left the door open, an alarm will go off to get your attention. These also keep food fresher longer by keeping humidity out. Some even allow remote access (via smartphone) to check which items you?re running low on so you can make a quick stop at the grocery.

smart dishwasherSmart dishwashers

Washing the dishes doesn?t have to be an annoying chore anymore. Some companies have already made smart dishwashers that will make your life easier. In particular, Miela Futura ProfiLine Dishwasher, dubbed as the world?s smartest dishwasher, can do 23-minute wash cycles and?get this?even connects to Wi-Fi! Newer models are 35% more efficient than previous products.

Nest thermostatLearning thermostats

A good example is Nest Thermostat, which was just acquired by Google. It works by itself and ensures that your home stays warm without using up too much energy. It remembers each time you turn the dial and makes a pattern so it can warm and cool your home depending on your preferences.

With all these amazing home appliances, there?s absolutely no excuse to not get things done. You won?t find it difficult to juggle work and home chores anymore.

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