Man Uses Video Game Gun To Stop Home Robbery

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Most people often connect video games to violence, but in Pittsburgh, it prevented one.

Multiple reports are suggesting that a 24-year-old man used a video game gun to stop a burglar who sneaked into their house in Oakland. The owner of the home was playing video games and was wearing a headset in his bedroom, so he did not hear the robber enter their house. The victim?s door opened and he was confronted by a stranger, who was pretty surprised to see him as well.

To stop the would-be robber, the victim quickly grabbed a nearby fake gun and used it to keep the robber there until the cops arrived. The 23-year-old Kymarr Freeman, who happens to be an Oakland resident too, was charged with criminal trespassing, burglary and criminal instrument possession.

Sonya Toler, Pittsburgh public safety spokeswoman told Yahoo that the victim technically used a ?prop? gun that may have been associated with the video game he was currently playing at that time, while CBS Pittsburgh believes it is ?likely? a video game gun.

Actually, there are tons of accessories that work with video games, but most of them don?t look very realistic. For instance, a PS Move Sharp Shooter will not be able to strike fear into the heart of even the most faint-hearted criminal. But there are also plenty of third party video game gun controllers that could convince someone, maybe under low-light conditions, which includes the pricey EMS Top Gun or Nyko?s Perfect Shot Wii controller. Also last year, $200,000 was contributed by Kickstarter backers for the Delta Six controller, a VERY-realistic video game gun that would make anyone, even an ex-convict pause.

Regardless of whether or not a gaming gun should be acknowledged with scaring off crooks, we salute the quick-thinking gamer who kept his wits about him. We just hope he saved his game too. (lol)

Also, just to be clear. The image attached is The Delta Six controller, and is not the gaming gun the victim used.


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