Man Of Steel 2 Release Date Moved, Movie No Longer Pushing Through? DC Explains

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After a string of announcements for upcoming DC movies that will be shown during the next five years, an important film is apparently missing from the line-up. ?Man of Steel,? which has become a significant part of DC?s growing cinematic universe, and talks of its upcoming sequel is said to be on ?permanent hold,? according to Den of Geek.

George Miller to direct ?Man of Steel 2?

With a long list of DC movies that Warner has made in the five year line-up, ?Man of Steel 2? is nowhere to be found. Although this alleged announcement is spreading like wildfire, Jon Schnepp, the filmmaker behind the recent documentary ?The Death of Superman Lives,? dropped a much move heavier rumor bomb on everyone: that George Miller, director of Mad Max, is set to manage the film, according to Den of Geek.

?George Miller is doing Man of Steel 2,? Schnepp said in an interview with Popcorn Talk. ?I don?t feel weird about breaking it.? And according to Den of Geek, two more sources have agreed about the facts of the rumor, saying Miller is already on a conversation with Warner Bros. and that they are talking about the possibility of taking on one of their DC movies, though there are still no announcements on what movie he?s going to direct.

?Man of Steel 2? on permanent hold

Although the possibility of George Miller directing ?Man of Steel 2? isn?t likely to rule out, a source from Den of Geek has told them that ?as far as they understand it, the sequel is on permanent hold.? Looking at the line-up of DC movies for the next five years certainly makes no room for the sequel of ?Man of Steel? but the schedules can of course change depending on what will happen in the future.

?Man of Steel 2? release date will certainly be just rumors until they make further announcements for the film.

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