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Diablo 3 Malthael Boss Fight: Do?s and Don?ts

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One of the things that brighten up my day is the Malthael Boss Fight. When my Bounties take me to the Pandemonium fortress and the battle with the Angel of Death, I always get my character ready. It?s a testament to how awesome this boss fight is that I actually hope it happens. It?s difficult and requires a certain amount of skill and attention. What more when I raise the difficulty to Torment 3 or higher, where damage inflicted is greater and Malthael is tougher.

Unlike other bosses and elites, you cannot just stand around and inflict a lot of DPS on Malthael. At any difficulty, you?re going to have to go through all his stages. If you plan to farm him on lower difficulty, then there really is no reason for you to keep reading this.

But if you?re just going into the boss fight or trying it at higher levels, here are some Do?s and Don?ts to remember when you encounter the Malthael boss fight:


  • Get a little more defensive than usual

Raise your toughness as you?re surely going to get hit. If not that, raise your attack speed or running speed. Another consideration would be to add more dodge chance to your build. Whatever defensive mechanic you use, add a little more. Skills that make you invulnerable and unimpeded for a short time are great ways to escape death as well.

  • Use the Healing Wells on the side.

Those two wells are going to help you when you make an almost fatal mistake. They can also heal you just in time to take a large hit from Malthael?s wings. You can also be sure that some part of the well isn?t going to affected by Malthael?s death clouds so you can find a way to get them.

  • Watch Malthael closely, especially in the last stage.

Knowing when the angel is going to use his enhanced wing skill is one of the things that will keep you alive. You always have to know where the wings aren?t going to hit (directly at his back) so you can get there quick and score a few hits with it.

  • Buff your damage.

You need to make every hit count. If you have damage buffs like passive skills and such, apply these. Even if one of the main points of this fight is to survive long enough to deal damage to kill him, do not discount your DPS.



  • Just stand there and shoot your DPS.

One thing I know from the Malthael boss fight is that at Torment levels, his death clouds spawn almost two at a time and there is precious little floor space to run around unscathed. Run around, especially if you have woefully-abysmal Toughness. Standing still also brings the death clouds closer to you as they gravitate towards players. Now is the time to run around.

  • Be left with no life-saving defence at any time.

If you?re cycling through your defensive skills or potions, make sure that you have one ready to use. You never know when you get caught in some clouds or have to run through them to get to safety.

  • Resurrect your party mate when they?re inside a death cloud.

It can be tempting and you may think that you?re better off with another person helping you but you?re wrong. You?re wasting time resurrecting when you could be dealing damage or tanking. You also leave yourself too vulnerable as there is almost always a death cloud on your fallen comrade. The risk is too great for so little reward.

  • Forget to tweak your build.

You?re going to be fighting only one enemy. You can ditch your crowd control or area effect spells. Try going for stunning and slow effects so you can make the most of your DPS.

In the end, death clouds and his fire wings are the culprits of wipes in this boss fight. The key to the Malthael boss fight is to survive since in the end, he just becomes a pattern, albeit a difficult one. Make sure you are paying attention and not being a little dim with your tactics and your team. Also, with the recent patch, you are sure to get Reaper Wraps, a Legendary crafting material that only comes from the angel.

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