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‘Making A Murderer’ Steven Avery Case: Neighbor Hints Planted Evidence?

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Netflix?s Making A Murderer follows the real case of Steven Avery, who has been convicted for the death of photographer Teresa Halbach. Now, a witness who lived near the crime scene has surfaced and he may play a critical role in re-opening the case.

Avery is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility for parole for the murder of Halbach back in 2005. Now, a witness named Wilmer Siebert has shared his knowledge about the case which could be a double-edged sword for the subject as the information revealed may or may not help Avery in proving his innocence.

First of all, Siebert, who spoke with freelance photojournalist Jeff Klassen, lived on the southeast side of the Avery Auto Salvage, which is directly beside the stone quarry and behind the huge salvage yard where Halbach?s Rav4, which was stained with blood, was discovered.

Now, according to the witness, before the police discovered the vehicle in the auto salvage, he may have seen the Rav4 of the victim drove onto Avery?s property, but not alone. Siebert claims that the car was accompanied by a white jeep. He also shared that although it was natural to see cars using the back road, the two vehicles were quite noticeable because of their speed.

?It was a white jeep, and it looked liked the paint was peeling off the hood. You could see like an undercoating on the hood. The jeep was what I saw come back out, but I didn?t see the Rav4 [come out],? said the witness.

Critics are now asking about the white jeep Siebert saw because Steven Avery also owns a silver car, which can be mistakenly perceived as white from a distance. However, Avery?s niece, Carla Chase, was quick to clarify things and stated that their car was parked at the family?s cabin in Crivitz, Wisconsin during the time when Siebert allegedly saw a white jeep.

She also added that the car did not have a license for the road causing them to only use it for errands within the area and never on main roads. As of now, the case Making A Murderer is following is still ongoing and if found, the white jeep would definitely lead the investigation onto something. However, critics are also questioning the reliability of Siebert?s memory. He is now at his 70s and they say his age may taint his ability to recall things from the past.

But, given the fact that the witness lived directly beside the Avery Auto Salvage, it is surprising that the FBI agents did not ask him about the crime. According to him, an agent just showed him a photo of Halbach and asked whether he knows her, which back then he did not. Now that he has already revealed what he knows, this is going to be huge for the case.

How about you? Given these facts, do you think Steven Avery really murdered Halbach? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Follow the case of the subject on Making A Murderer every Friday on Netflix at 10 p.m. Eastern Time.

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