Making A Murderer Season 2 Updates: Fresh Evidence, New Lawyers For Steven Avery To Right His Wrong Conviction

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Making A Murderer

It’s definitely not over yet. Making A Murderer returns for its second installment and fans are eager to witness fresh evidences that could make the case clearer. Netflix’s Making A Murderer season 2 is expected to introduce new attorneys. In season 1, both Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey hired new lawyers. Steven?s new legal representative, Kathleen Zellner, has some fresh evidences to expose.

Ted Sarando, Netflix?s Chief Content Officer, recently confirmed that there will be more new information to be released. He revealed that plethora of fresh evidences have been collected for the case since Making A Murderer Season 1 is being aired.

Zellner?s new evidences are so fresh that the police have never touched them yet. Fans could expect proof about blood being ?placed? in the car to be presented before the court in the series? upcoming season.

We are also looking into the possibility of pointing into a new suspect. Midwest Innocence Project legal director Trisha Burnell and Zellner will be working together on this.

It looks like Zellner has what it takes to correct Steven?s wrong conviction. She is widely experienced when it comes to dealing with cases of clients that are falsely convicted. Steven?s new attorney had already helped seventeen men in similar cases. Zellner earned a little less than US$100 million from all the cases she was able to resolve.

Meanwhile, Brendan got himself three new lawyers. The series’ season 2 welcomes Steven Drizen, Laura Nirider, and Robert Dvorak. All of them are from the Center of Wrongly Convictions.

Making A Murderer is a documentary drama that follows the case of Steven and Brendan, his nephew. Both of them were mistakenly convicted for the murder of Teresa Halbach.

With the success of its first season, American audience seems dazed with the distortion of justice shown in Steven and Brendan?s case. Making A Murderer season 2 could only be more interesting with particular changes of lawyers representing the case. Stay tune for more Making A Murderer Season 2 Updates.

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