Making A Murderer Season 2 Confirmed? Will Show New Evidence Of Innocence, Victim’s Bones Not Halbach’s?

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Making a Murderer Season 2

“Making a Murderer” was one of the biggest shows that everyone was talking about since it premiered in December of last year. The end of Season 1 really left everyone hanging with people questioning whether or not Steven Avery really did the crime that he is currently serving time for. Thankfully, the filmmakers behind the documentary have heard their fans, and it has been reported that “Making a Murderer Season 2” will be happening.

According to a report from Mirror, one of the filmmakers of the documentary Laura Ricciardi said that there is still so much more to come from the cases of Avery as well as his nephew Brendan Dassey. With both cases still pending, a lot can still happen, and there are still many questions that are left to explore.

While the filmmakers did not give any idea about what will be covered by Making a Murderer Season 2, one of the things that could be questioned is whether the bones found in Avery?s property were actually the bones of the victim Teresa Halbach. According to a report from Cosmopolitan, there have been a lot of speculation that the bones may not have actually been Halbach?s.

The report cites that it is now being alleged that the DNA expert, who testified to have had assessed the bones found in the Avery property, may have been working with the prosecutor Ken Kratz to get the jury to believe her testimony even if it was not officially verified.

Lynne Blanchard, a member for the group Stop Wrongful Convictions, has called out the bone evidence presented during Avery?s trial, according to a report from Hollywood Life. She says that Culhane?s only had a partial DNA profile thus there was no way she could conclusively prove that the bone fragments actually belonged to the victim.

With this shocking new development in the Steven Avery case, fans of the show are surely going to be excited about Making a Murderer Season 2. Will they be able to find even more new evidence of Steven?s innocence? Be sure to check back here to find out more details about the show, and be the first to know exactly when the second season will premiere.

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