Make your winter cozier with the help of this 2-way portable space heater

It works with all your online assistants, giving you all the convenience you need

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Everyone loves cold weather, but not 100% of the time. Sometimes, we look for our thickest hoodies to achieve the perfect temperature balance. However, these jackets may not be your best option. You may need the most appropriate device to help you keep up with the cold of this season.

Meet Govee Smarter Heater, your best source of warmth at home!

What is Govee Smarter Heater?
You don’t always need a chimney or a hot bath to make your body cope up with cold weather. Sometimes, all you need is the Govee Smarter Heater, a device designed to give warmth to your favorite spaces. This device features an 80° oscillation, enough to heat a span of 6.5ft away from it. So, it’s perfect for your living room, bedroom, office, or any place at home.

How does it work?
This 2-way device connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wifi, giving you enough convenience. All you need is to download Govee’s application, and from there, you’ll get access to functions like adjusting the heat level, oscillation, timer, and a few more features. Not only that, but this device also heats up in as fast as 3 seconds while keeping your energy consumption low.

What other features does it have?

  • Overheat protection
  • Gentle heat flow through Cross-Flow technology
  • Touch control panel
  • Tip-over auto shut off
  • Quiet operation

Can I control it from afar?

Besides coming with a user-friendly application, this heater can also sync up to your favorite virtual assistants like Google and Alexa. So, wherever you are at home, you get to manage this device without making much effort.

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