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Couples always want a unique wedding to remember. In 2012, Laura Cressman got married the unconvential way by inviting a robot named Dragon Runner. It is a small and unmanned robot designed by the military for urban combat. You can just imagine hearing the song Mr. Roboto in the background while this cute robot walked down the aisle. These wedding robots have become a trend in weddings lately.

Wedding Robots and the Cutting Edge Japanese Technology

Cressman participated in the design of Dragon Runner?s arm. She was able to borrow him from work and served as the ring bearer at her wedding, wearing a tuxedo vest and a mini dress shirt. Cressman?s father Bill Wrong wrote on that this cute robot is likely found removing bombs in battlefields.

However, they were not the first couple to get married with a robot. In 2007, Tiro the yellow robot served as the master of ceremonies for a couple in South Korea. Tiro was worth 200 million won that time, approximately $189,000.

The Japanese have always been producing cutting edge technology, including the automation of service industries. This has inspired hobbyists to make robots that can perform impressive actions. It no longer came as a surprise when the Japanese introduced talking humanoids Kirobo that was sent to space in 2013.

The American Wedding Bot


The United States also has its own robotic innovations, such as the machine ? gun firing robot for the military and Amazon?s delivery drones. Wedding robots seem to be non ? existent on Google?s or Amazon?s plans.

Jon Schmig launched the Kickstarter campaign to create Oscar, a remote ? controlled WeddingBot that performs various roles in weddings. This robot is two ? feet tall and weighs about eight pounds. It looks like how kids would normally draw robots, but has a brain controlled via bluetooth on Schmig?s smartphone.

Interested couples may rent Oscar between $250 and $500. The price varies depending on the event location, duration of stay, and other related costs since Oscar lives in Minneapolis.

The participation of robots in wedding ceremonies could be the new fad for the coming years. It is not impossible that one day, these robots may already look like real humans. In the meantime, watching these mini robots groove to the beat in wedding events will definitely make these celebrations worth remembering.

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