Make your rooms more livable as you add moisture to the atmosphere using this silent humidifier

It comes with a 1.4L tank, enough for a 20-hour operation

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An unhealthy and dry atmosphere is everyone’s enemy. Not only does it make your skin and eyes dry, but it also makes your place less comfortable. More often, people think their beauty regimens could cope up with any environment. The same is true when resting in cool and dry surroundings with people doing nothing about it.

Don’t wait to look old and tired. Use KSCMall’s Silent Smart Humidifier!

The KSCMall’s Silent Smart Humidifier is your one-stop solution to a dry atmosphere. Apart from being a humidifier, it also works as an air purifier, reducing the risk of airborne diseases coming into your body. This vapor-releasing device works silently, which means you can use it in your bedroom or anywhere in your house without making any noise.

How do I use this?

This product is like a water dispenser, only that you get the water out in its lightest form. Open the lid where the thin hose is connected. Fill in the tank with water. Plug the humidifier using a USB power source. Turn the device on and let it do its job. By then, you’ll start to feel a livelier atmosphere and a better skin state.

What other benefits can I have from this?
This humidifier prevents a lot of adverse conditions, like:

  • Dry noses
  • Colds
  • Static electricity
  • Allergies
  • Asthma

Where do I best use this?
Wherever power source is present, you can use this device in the following:

  • Cars
  • Office
  • Bedrooms

How long will one tank loading last?
This device comes with a 1.4L water tank, enabling you to fill as much water. It also features continuous and intermittent spray modes, which you can use for 12 and 20 hours, respectively. That means you can leave it on even if you’re sleeping or doing any other activity.

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