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Let?s face it, every gamer has envisioned themselves as the ones creating the game, but then, we think about what we need to learn prior to actually making a game, and we realize that we need to go through boatloads of learning in order to develop our first game. Heck, even programmers can?t make their first game right away, without specifically studying certain programming languages. What more can we expect from people who don?t even have the slightest idea what binaries and scripts mean?

There is still hope though. Even with the absence of proper programming education, particularly in gaming, there are tons of tools that you can use to create your games. The difficulty varies, but you can gradually learn the building blocks of game development on your own, and move forward with better tools and better variety.

The first thing that would come to mind would probably be RPG Maker. Enterbrain?s RPG Maker series lets you create JRPG games with ease, even with minimal programming knowledge. It is easy to use and you can create full length RPG games with the software. The latest version is RPG Maker VX Ace. It will allow you to create complete 2D JRPG games with default turn based combat, story, events and multiple maps. You can also add custom tilesets, graphics, sound and even videos.

Though it is an RPG Maker, you can make almost any game with this tool. Your imagination is the limit.

Advanced users can also add their own Ruby script, to tailor the game more to their liking. It is available at Steam right now for $69.99.

If you?re not a fan of 2D and JRPG games in general, you might want to look at FPS Creator. It is a full 3D game making tool that lets you create your own First Person Shooters with EASE. With this tool, you can easily create complex rooms with a couple of clicks, drag and drop actions, and a bit of tweaking. You can ?paint? your way into creating your complex or simple maps. Do all these in a couple of minutes. No programming knowledge is required.

Instead of hard coding, you?ll just have to use the software?s easy-to-understand scripting tool. You can, however, create complex and full length games without touching a single script. FPS Creator is available for order here for $49.99.

Once you get the gist of game creation by using any of these tools, you might want to try out the more advanced tools like Unity and Source. They will give you more flexibility, but in exchange, you?ll have to create everything from scratch most of the time.

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