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Make your baby enjoy milk time wherever, whenever!

This portable milk bottle heater ensures your liquid gold is warmed up in a jiffy

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Babies are most sensitive to food, and that includes their milk. As a parent, you don’t want to mess up feeding your kids. And like a baby’s bottle of milk, putting it somewhere it cannot thrive has adverse effects. I’m sure you would not want to see them suffer from stomach upset or allergies. With that, let me share one hack that’ll help you feed your babies better.

Keep your kid’s milk warm and yummy with PriceElf’s USB Portable Baby Milk Bottle Heater!

Like you enjoying your comfort food, babies also want their milk warm and soothing. With the PriceElf Portable Baby Bottle Heater, you can now make sure your baby’s food is at optimum temperature. It’s USB-powered, letting you take it anywhere you want. Also, it comes with an ergonomic design to keep things convenient for you.

Why should I have it?
It’s not every time that your baby can consume an entire bottle of milk in one instance. That said, you have the choice to keep it for later or throw it away, which may not be a good option. So, to help you keep your baby’s milk in perfect condition, use this bottle warmer. It fits all baby bottle sizes, so there’s no need to be picky with your baby’s bottles.

What other features does it have?
  • USB cord holder
  • Double-layer PU cover
  • Anti-bacterial interior cloth
With this warmer, you won’t have to worry about the temperature being harsh for your kid. It has a tri-color LED display that lets you know once the milk is in perfect temperature and is fit for feeding your baby.

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